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Everyone has a story, we have a               

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Here, you’ll do more than join something -

 you’ll add something.

Since 2015, SAGA Alumni Association has followed one simple mission - to lead in advancing and serving alumni, and the community at large.


We provide diverse ways for members to connect with the people and resources they need to be successful, and we’re incredibly proud of what we have to offer. 


What we do

At SAGA we hold a mix of termly and annual events that are designed to entertain or benefit our community. These events include moonlight cinemas, alumni iftars and tree-planting ceremonies etc...

It is SAGA's primary goal to support its current and prospective alumni. Therefore, we hold a myriad of initiatives designed to benefit our members including free tutoring, uni-training etc...

SAGA's ultimate goal is to give back to the community through diverse projects which are designed to help those in need or to bring awareness to charitable causes such as our Australian Bushfire Relief Fundraisers.


Community & Family Events

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Alumni & Student Initiatives 

Social Justice Projects

Our structure & operations

Board of Directors

Meets bi-annually, SAGA's peak body. Appoints & dismisses the Executive Committee.

Executive Committee

Meets periodically, composed of members who strategise and execute innovations and vote on major decisions, especially those raised by subcommittees.

Associates Committee

Meets occasionally, composed of alumni who discuss initatives and run events when they are available.


Created by the Executive Committee when required to focus on the managing of an event or initiative.

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