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Illawarra Starlit Cinema

An event where we have a fun movie night with popcorn, drinks and fairy floss!

Illawarra Starlit Cinema

A night under the stars 🌠 watching minions fight 🚀 to steal the moon🌕…sounds like a perfect plan! For the first time ever❗️, SAGA is bringing Starlit Cinema 🍿🎥 to the Illawarra Amity College Campus 🏫 by popular demand 🥳 and excitement 🤩 of our lovely community there. This is one of the most awaited events ⏳ hosted by SAGA. A chance for friends👭, students 🎓 and families 👨‍👩‍👧 to come together and enjoy a wonderful night under the stars💫. Yummy snacks 😋 and stalls ☺️ will be available throughout the night✨

The night doesn't start there though🙅🏽‍♀️, we are also hosting our Alumni Tree Planting Ceremony 🌳🤝 to honour 🏅our senior students and graduates 📚 at Illawarra which will commence at 5pm. We want to celebrate 🌟 all our alumnis - future, past and present 🔁 to continue the SAGA legacy ⭐️ across all campuses. After the ceremony we will enjoy a delicious BBQ 🍗 and refreshments 🍭 for everyone to enjoy.

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