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Our People

We bring incredible people together

to make incredible things happen. 

We're a diverse team of thinkers and doers, continuously reimagining our projects to help our graduates and the broader community. That innovation is inspired by a shared commitment to great work and to each other.

SAGA Executives


Ceylan Karatas


With a diverse range of experience in public health, sciences, medicine and even martial arts Ceylan brings strong leadership to the SAGA Executive Team & Board. As the first President of SAGA Ceylan has played a key role in developing SAGA to be where it is today. Her spirit of positivity, her can-do attitude and inspiring leadership style makes her a well-loved and invaluable member of the team.

Suzan Odemis


Suzan's background as an honours student in Psychology  has contributed to her strong work ethic  and character. 

Her resourcefulness and commitment to excellence make her a strong leader of the SAGA Executive Team. As a distinguished alumni of Amity College, Suzan's driven attitude continues to inspire and motivate the team to follow her example.

Deniz Erdogan

Executive Principal

Deniz is the Executive Principal of Amity College, the prestigous school which SAGA is a part of; he is also visionary & founder of SAGA.

With decades of leadership experience working with other leaders of the community across the globe, Deniz is an altruistic, innovative and invaluable member of the SAGA Executive Team & Board.

Serkan Iner

CE Manager

Serkan is the Community Engagement Manager of Amity College, with decades of experience as a Principal, and manager, he brings strong leadership and inspiration to the SAGA Executive Team. Serkan's affinity with altruism, social-justice and charitable causes makes him incredibly driven to make a difference to society.

Aysenur Aksu

Engagement Officer

As a well-loved teacher of Amity College, Aysenur has many years of diverse experience in education. Her commitment to excellence in her years as a student, graduate and teacher has led her to be an incredibly driven and skilled member of the team. As a highy-regarded youth mentor Aysenur has strong connections with fellow alumni, community members and students.

Adam Sayadi

Engagement Officer

Adam's background in marketing, technology and management contributes to the diverse set of skills he brings to the team. As the previous school captain of Amity College, Adam has a passion for devloping student leaders and a commitment to innovation. As a mentor and engagement officer he has developed strong connections with alumni, community members and students.

Meryem Aydogan

Mishthi Kaushal

Kemal Arikan

Kamil Aydinlioglu

Musfirah Khalil

Mohammed Rehmanjan

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